24 August 2017: Service wife joins CarillionAmey

We have a commitment to employ 10% of staff with a military background and we’re currently above target with over 150 employees now working for us from the military community. Having staff with military knowledge and experience helps us in loads of ways, not least in better understanding our customer’s needs.

Ellen Stranack joins us as an Occupancy Services Coordinator at our Customer Service Centre, allocating homes for military families. She has recently returned from Paderborn, Germany, after living in Service Family Accommodation (SFA) for over two years with her husband, a member of the 2nd Battalion of the Parachute Regiment, and children. Before she came to us, she worked for the Royal Military Police as an Audio Typist/Administrative Clerk.

Ellen’s experience living in SFA will be instrumental in her role on our Occupancy Services team with helping Service families. “I understand the difficulties that Service families have to go through with moving around every couple of years, and know how stressful the process can be. As a Service wife, I am aware of how demanding military life can be, and empathise with Service families as well as ensuring they receive excellent customer service in the process.”

Ellen has lots of skills and experience, gained while working and being part of the military community, which she now brings to our business and the families we look after. Ellen aims to make the process of moving as stress-free as possible for her customers, having moved around herself, she is aware of how much a bad move can impact on a family.

Ellen is hoping she can use her own personal experiences to develop relationships within her area of responsibility and help improve customer satisfaction. “I hope with my experience I can build positive relationships with the Service Families I work with, while bringing my own perspective to the role.”