25 January 2018: CarillionAmey and DIO upgrade Single Living Accommodation at Beachley Barracks

We recently worked with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation to complete a project on our Regional Prime Central West contract to upgrade the existing washing facilities within the Junior Ranks Single Living Accommodation (SLA) at Beachley Barracks.

Our Project Manager, Sarah Brennan, and DIO’s Estate Delivery Manager, Stuart Law, managed the much needed project. The original washing facilities were completely stripped out and refurbishment works included the installation of four additional showers per floor, leaving one bath on the ground floor. The areas also benefitted from new wall tiling, ceilings, floor coverings, cubicles, lighting, shaver sockets and over sink lighting.

Throughout the refurbishment works the SLA’s were fully occupied with the unit on various training exercises. In order to maintain as much functionality as possible the building was split into two halves enabling the contractor to work in a phased format, this was key to preventing down time to the unit. On our Regional Prime contract we provide maintenance services to about 70% of the total SLA across the Ministry of Defence estate. The accommodation varies in condition with new modern SLAM blocks that incorporate en-suite facilities to the very old accommodation dating as far back as the Victorian times that still remain with communal facilities.

Projects like the one at Beachley Barracks make a huge difference to those living in the SLA. Costing just under £205,000, it wouldn’t have been possible without funding from Defence Infrastructure Organisation or the Front Line Commands. Our contract means that we can repair assets up to our ‘inclusive repair limit’ (IRL) of £2,500, but any repair costing over the IRL requires funding.

Stuart Law, DIO’s Estate Delivery Manager, said, “Two years ago DIO started the process of upgrading the washing facilities within the Junior Ranks SLA, Buildings 39 and 40 at Beachley Barracks near Chepstow. In late September 2017, DIO instructed works to be carried out in Building 41. The planned works along with other projects are aimed to improve the overall standard of SLA for the resident unit.

A combination of clear mutual collaboration between the Unit, CarillionAmey and DIO in agreeing a detailed programme throughout ensured a successful completion. The efforts of the Unit, Project Manager and the Contractor – under the keen watchful eye of the Site Supervisor, ensured that a high standard of workmanship and Site housekeeping was achieved throughout, which resulted in milestones being met and an uneventful hand back to DIO.”