25 January 2018: CarillionAmey host Regional Prime supply chain health and safety forum

We recently hosted senior representatives from our Regional Prime Central specialist supply chain for a ‘Back to Basics’ health and safety forum. The event focused on improving relationships, allowing a better understanding of mutual perspectives, reinforcing a consistent approach to process compliance and guarding against complacency.

Paul Bond, our Regional Prime Central Regional Operations Director, hosted the event and began with an overview of the Regional Prime Central delivery model, the vast geography and an overview of our stakeholders. Neville Rogers, our Health and Safety Specialist, then explained our respective business’ legal obligations. This included examining real life incidents that have occurred, what had or could have happened and discussion surrounding the impact on all who are involved, from the individual at personal risk through to those at the most senior levels. Drawing on real experiences proved to be a powerful message that had a real impact with the supply chain representatives.

Each of the four Regional Prime Regional Managers, Terry Wynne, Richard Baister, Howard Coffey and Simon Pownall, delivered a presentation on specific topics including, permits to work, induction & inspection, security, lone working and Authorised Persons. They then facilitated discussion around each topic area, which proved to be absolutely necessary given the discussion and interaction that developed.

It became apparent very early on how valuable this workshop had been as the level of engagement from the audience was exactly what was intended from the outset. Previously the focus of this type of engagement has been with our SME partners, so it was long overdue that we spent some time with our specialists and created the right type of environment for enduring success and partnerships.

The outcomes of the event and the commitments made by all parties were captured and will be shared with those who attended to create partnerships built upon mutual trust and understanding that will keep us in good stead for the future.

Simon Gaunt, Project Coordinator at Collins Design and Build Ltd, who attended the event said, “Collins Design and Build attended the specialist contractor event to help understand specific Health and Safety requirements within CarillionAmey. The day was informative with plenty of ideas brought to the table. Collins Design and Build walked away with several ways to improve their site ethos, such as carrying out and recording monthly site inspections. Thanks to CarillionAmey’s inspection template that was made available during the event, Collins Design and Build can now roll this improvement out a lot sooner than originally anticipated.

The day itself gave Collins Design and Build the chance to speak directly to key CarillionAmey personnel, this was very beneficial as the company just had an audit and it raised a lot of questions on policies and procedures. Collins Design and Build also felt that CarillionAmey should hold more of these Health and Safety meetings as it gives contractors the chance to learn and to raise any concerns directly.”