CarillionAmey will soon be introducing various new ways for our customers to communicate with us, using Facebook Messenger, Twitter messages, web chat and text messages.

Our new system will provide customers with the opportunity to engage with us, in ways they feel comfortable with. In addition to the telephone service we currently offer, customers will be able to talk to our Customer Service Centre staff using Facebook messenger, Twitter messages, web chat and text message (SMS) according to their preference, and the incoming enquiries will be routed to the right team by the new system.

Customers have moved on to social media and digital communication channels in a major way, there are many benefits that come from this, including transparency and clarity of communication. By investing in this new technology we are adapting our systems to our customer’s evolving needs. We will still provide the same personal service, but the new system will also enable us to offer enhanced efficiency and greater consistency, clarity and accuracy.

We’ll also be able to track issues and trends where currently we have limited data and insight, allowing us to further improve in our service.

Stuart Jones, CA’s Communications and Customer Service Director, is confident that this new way of communicating will bring benefits to both CA and its customer and said “Some of our customers were frustrated at having to call us, and would rather just jump on Facebook or whatever channel is most convenient to them. This new software will allow customers to talk directly to CA using these modern communication channels, but in a controlled fashion, similar to the way we manage telephone calls, helping to increase efficiency in transaction and clarity in communication. That should be good for our customers and good for us too. I’m hoping to go-live with phase one of this exciting new technology during June.”