26 April 2018: CarillionAmey, DIO and the AFF attend Military Housing Liaison Officer Forum in Edinburgh

We were invited to the quarterly Military Housing Liaison Officer (MHLO) Forum held at 51st Infantry Brigade & Headquarters Scotland, Edinburgh recently alongside the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and the Army Families Federation (AFF). The networking forum was hosted by Warrant Officer 2 James Murray, and organised and chaired by Headquarter Regional Command, to discuss and resolve any housing issues and improve collaboration.

Each year the Army host this event at various locations across the National Housing Prime estate. We were invited to offer support and to work collaboratively with the DIO, the AFF and the MHLO’s, making improvements to the way we collectively provide Service Family Accommodation to our Service personnel and their families, as well as discussing housing issues.

Senior representatives from our business, the DIO and the AFF all attended in order to provide answers to questions and take any cases away with them if necessary. Sessions like this are also beneficial for us to find out where we are going right and the areas in which we aren’t doing so well. This feedback can be taken and then used to find key areas for improvement so we can tailor our services specifically for Service families to eliminate any issues they are having.

Lieutenant Colonel Duncan Attwell, Headquarter Regional Command, who heads up the Families Support Team said, “The forum was a great success with open and honest discussion between everyone attending. There were action points taken away, such as, improvements to JSP 464, improving the process for the Appropriation of Service Family Accommodation to Single Living Accommodation, the DIO Private Rental Scheme and maximising the use of the SFA estate”.