26 March 2018: CA team spring into action for Prince Harry’s visit to Middle Wallop

Our site teams in our Regional Prime contracts take great pride in supporting the day to day running of the UK’s military bases, ensuring that our customers live and work in a safe and compliant environment and operational delivery is never compromised. They also need to be ready to ‘step-up’ should a situation change and our team in Middle Wallop proved they were ready to take on such a challenge last week when Prince Harry visited the site in Hampshire.

Glen Vesey, our Delivery Manager explained “We were really excited to hear that Prince Harry was visiting the site to present the latest graduates of the Army Aviation Centre with their Wings. When he was based here he always had a cheery ‘hello’ or ‘morning’ for us when our paths crossed so we were looking forward to catching a glimpse of him as he visited the Mess for lunch prior to taking a tour of his old stomping ground.”

However, any plans Glen had for a quiet morning were dashed when he received a call from a very panicked Mess Manager at 7.30am informing him that the gas had gone off and the air handling unit had stopped working in the Officers’ Mess! Glen immediately called the job into our Customer Service team as a high priority as the Prince was due to arrive at lunchtime and the Mess Manager was keen to begin preparing the food.

Two of our engineers from Antac, Jack Sainsbury and Brian Currie, arrived on site within half an hour of Glen’s call and made their way quickly to the Officers’ Mess. They worked tirelessly to repair the fault, regularly reporting their progress to our site team who were able to reassure the MOD staff that the job was being dealt with. At 10.00am, gas was restored to the Mess, just in time for the chef to start his cooking.

Thanks to our team’s quick response, the visit ran smoothly. Mess Manager at Middle Wallop, Graham Burden, conveyed his thanks to our team and said “I would like to say a big thank you to Glen for staying calm when he received my call, and to Jack and Brian for their quick response in completing the task. They are always reliable, honest and courteous and they got the job done with the minimum of fuss.”