26 October 2017: How CarillionAmey are evolving their approach to communications

Helen Thompson, recently joined our Communications Department in the role of Senior Communications Manager and is now part of the ongoing drive to evolve our approach to customer, stakeholder and staff communications.

Helen previously managed government affairs for CarillionAmey, along with high profile complaint management and customer engagement. Helen is keen to get out and about to meet with key stakeholders, better understand their communication needs and drive forward our communication strategy.

During 2017 we started to use the Defence Infrastructure Organisation and Government approved OASIS model for communication campaigning. This model focuses on targeting specific audiences, with key messages and measures outcomes (rather than volumes of outputs). During the year we’ve made more information available to stakeholders than ever before, and have been embracing new formats, such as Tempo and LinkedIn to deliver that information with improved timeliness and effectiveness.

Planning for communications in 2018 is already underway. We will be tightly linking all communications to our business plan, so that everyone has absolute clarity on what we are doing as a business to sustain and improve our performance. Our business plan is being formed on the back of client, customer and stakeholder feedback, gathered from across all of our contracts during the course of the last year.

Helen Thompson, Senior Communications Manager said, “I love listening to and engaging with our clients, military stakeholders and staff. This new role gives me a great opportunity to help expand our three way conversation, which I think is important because building trust and enhancing reputation depends on good dialogue. I hope to further develop the professionalism and collaborative approach of our communications team, and also provide greater clarity on how we use customer feedback to develop our business.”