27 July 2017: You said, we did: Creating a culture of helpfulness

This is the final article in our series highlighting specific improvements we have made following last year’s successful Customer Engagement Forums. We received feedback in 2016 that customers had lost faith in the service that our helpdesk at our Customer Service Centre provide.

Following this, we highlighted the specific issues our customers were having and made several changes across the helpdesk to create a culture of helpfulness among our Customer Service Advisors. Over the last 12 months, the housing repairs helpdesk has developed into a very stable environment providing an improved level of service to families.

The resource levels within the department have remained consistent and this has very much strengthened the experience of the team, which in turn has impacted on the overall quality of our performance.

We are committed to investing in our own people by reviewing and implementing a newly designed entrant training package. This gives our new additions a dedicated trainer who will provide all the knowledge and skills needed to be able to manage the diverse situations that are encountered on a daily basis. In addition to this, we have developed ongoing training packages in order to enhance our current teams technical and customer skill set. All training packages have been delivered and successfully managed.

The helpdesk assurance process has been reviewed with a number of key areas amended. This was in order to make it a tougher assurance programme around the quality of how our calls are handled.

Structured performance management and coaching plans have also been implemented. Our management team drive their own consistency around performance management and this is resulting in the entire department being managed as a whole, and in a consistent manner.

We still have improvement actions to complete, which will further enhance service, these include improving the quality of our letters to customers, broadening our online and digital communication channels and implementing our new customer service guiding principles which provide an improved behavioural framework ‘how we do business’. All of these actions will continue to make our ‘helpdesk’ more ‘helpful’.

Will McMaster, Head of Helpdesk Services, said, “These improvements continue to enhance the quality of the team, and therefore, the quality of the service that we are providing for our customers.”