28 September 2017: Using our new digital communication channels

In a recent survey many of our customers told us that they now prefer to use digital communication channels to contact us. So we’ve implemented some new technology and opened up a range of new communication channels for our customers to use.

Our digital communication channels provide customers with the opportunity to engage with our staff in a variety of ways, at their own convenience. In addition to the normal telephone service we provide, customers can speak directly to our Housing Repairs, Occupancy Services, Complaints and Regional Prime teams using Facebook Messenger, Twitter messages, webchat and text message (SMS). Whichever channel the customer prefers, the incoming enquiry is immediately directed to the right person who can help.

Elements of this have been available since July, but we’ve since integrated webchat into our website so customers navigating our website will now see a chat icon appear and any enquiry will be directed to the relevant team. This simple and effective system benefits our customers by offering a convenient way to chat with us and a clear record of the conversation, and it allows us to monitor issues and trends to support improvement.

We are already receiving positive feedback from customers who have used the channels successfully. Recently a customer contacted our Housing Repairs team via Facebook Messenger to report they didn’t have water, within two hours an appointment was booked and alternative accommodation arranged without the need to wait on the phone. A Regional Prime building custodian has been using webchat to report faults following their weekly workarounds, and we were also able to manage an entire housing move in via text message with one customer who was in work and unable to call our Occupancy Services team.

Stuart Jones, Customer Service Director, said, “Some of our customers were frustrated at having to call us, and would rather just jump on Facebook or whatever channel is most convenient to them. Our new digital communication technology allows customers to talk directly to our Customer Service Centre teams using modern communication channels, but in a controlled fashion, similar to the way we manage telephone calls, helping to increase efficiency in transaction and clarity in communication. That should be good for our customers and good for us too. Our Customer Service Centre teams are now live and have the requisite digital communication skills to help manage customer transactions on any whichever channels our customers choose.”

To see all of our new digital communications channels please visit our website: http://company.carillionamey.co.uk/contact-us/