29 March 2018: CarillionAmey and DIO attend AFF Foreign and Commonwealth meeting

Kathryn McBurnie, one of our Local Customer Service Centre Advisors, and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) recently attended a Foreign and Commonwealth (F&C) coffee morning held by the Army Families Federation (the AFF) on our National Housing Prime contract.

The Army Welfare Service, Bulford Education Centre and the HIVEs also attended the event organised by the AFF F&C team, Katherine Houlston and Jess Harriman. The teams were there to answer any questions and offer support on current issues that Service families in Tidworth are facing.

Events like this are not only important for customers to raise issues, they are also important for us so we can learn what’s going well and what isn’t. The feedback we receive from customers is used to identify key areas for improvement so we can tailor our service as much as possible within the scope of our contract.

Kathryn McBurnie lived in Service Family Accommodation herself, this experience is important in her role as a Local Customer Service Centre Advisor. Working and living in the military community helps Kathryn to understand our customers’ needs better.

Kathryn said, “I am honoured that I was invited to attend the Commonwealth meeting, I met some lovely families and it was very rewarding to reach out to voices that unfortunately aren’t always heard. I can see that this will be very valuable going forward and I look forward to attending the next meeting. We had some excellent feedback from the families which will allow us to continue to improve the service we deliver.”