29 March 2018: CarillionAmey work with DIO to simplify AWS processes

Our Regional Manager, Terry Wynne, and our Additional Works Manager, Stephen Fair, worked collaboratively with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) recently in order to simplify the Additional Works (AWS) processes on our Regional Prime Central contract.

They met with Dean Kemp, DIO Service Delivery Total Facility Management Regional Prime Central Area Manager, and Joe Thomas, South Programme Manager, at the Area office in Brecon to work out how the process can be simplified, so that our respective teams can understand how to deliver works through the AWS System from beginning to end. Simplifying this process will also be beneficial for new staff joining our respective organisations.

The document will serve as a useful tool to help manage customer expectations on timings when they call to check where a project is up to and their expected level of engagement. Staff can provide these customers with all of the information they will need making it quick and efficient. The process needed to be simplified following a project in the area. The project didn’t run as efficiently as it could have and more communication was needed throughout the entire project so the teams agreed that the entire process needed to be reviewed and simplified.

This new, simplified process was tested by members of the team who gave positive feedback and it is now being trialled by both teams. It was also sent to other operational staff across the region for review, they provided feedback that helped make the process even better.

Terry Wynne said, “Both DIO and CarillionAmey want to deliver the best quality projects to the Military in order to meet and hopefully exceed their expectations. This simplified process should help us to do that by engaging all stakeholders from start to finish.”

Joe Thomas said, “Having mapped out the AWS process, this now provides visibility to all DIO and CarillionAmey Service Delivery staff on the steps necessary to progress a task from statement of need stage, through to handover. Also, with high value complex tasks, where investment appraisals or business cases are required at the front end of the process, understanding the various stages offers guidance to where activities are to be taken. I feel this is prudent, knowing the introduction of funding flows via the Top Level Budget Holder’s.”