We’re proud to serve the Armed Forces and even prouder to support them by offering employment within our business. We are committed to a target of 10% of staff from a military background and we are currently sitting on target with just over 150 employees joining us from the military community.

We currently employ 79 ex-regulars, 10 ex-regulars who are now reservists, 43 military spouses, 11 reservists, 8 ex-reservists and 3 cadet instructors. Those who join us from the military community have an enormous amount of knowledge and experience that they can bring to their role.

One of our Regional Prime Central Area Managers is Iain Cameron, who joined us back in November 2016 after 25 years in the Royal Military Police (RMP). He was primarily responsible for policing the Armed Forces but specialised in Close Protection, IT and Communications and managed various levels of Service personnel.

The military system is intelligent in its procedure to teach and foster management, as demonstrated during the initial period of training when Non-Commissioned Officers teach and train those who may take over from them in future. Over the years in the Forces, he has honed his skills and styles as a manager and with a few tweaks, they have been transferable into our corporate world.

As a member of the RMP, he found himself in mentally demanding situations and at times required a diplomatic resolution. These experiences have helped him excel in his current role and Iain looks forward to being part of our business’s future. “I am hopeful that CarillionAmey can learn and grow as an organisation. We’ve undergone close scrutiny from the press in the past, however it is the likes of myself, as an ex- Serviceman, to engage with the end user to resolve any perceived failing in the Regional Prime Central contract, in a language which is only familiar to those who have served.”