30 November 2017: DIO’s drive to introduce ‘smarter working’ across the Estate is introduced to Sutton Coldfield

Left to right: Paul Bond, Operations Director RPC, Elaine Taylor, Financial Controller and Jerry Moloney, make use of the new acoustic booths

This week, our team from Sutton Coldfield moved into a brand new office as part of the Defence Infrastructure Organisation’s (DIO’s) ‘smarter working’ programme, which aims to improve the way we work. It focuses on facilities and working practices which help us to do our jobs effectively and reduce the amount that is spent on accommodation.

For our staff at Sutton Coldfield, this new way of working means the team now sit in the same open plan office as the DIO team, promoting our shared values of collaborative working, trust and openness.

Our supply chain partners, Wulfrun Ltd, carried out the refurbishment which includes ‘touchdown spaces’ for visitors to work from, informal meeting areas and acoustic booths for more private conversations. The furniture was carefully sourced by the DIO team to increase the wellbeing of staff with colours being chosen that will have a positive influence on worker’s mood and emotions, with each of the 94 workstations being supplied with new, ergonomic chairs.

Jerry Moloney, our Operations Director, Regional Primes, is very impressed with the new, light and bright working space and said “Sitting side by side with our DIO colleagues will help us to strengthen our collaborative partnership. We’ll be able to share knowledge and resources more freely, learn from one another and work flexibly together to meet our deadlines.”

Mark Murphy, DIO’s Head of Service Delivery TFM, agreed and added “Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. Working so closely with CarillionAmey will enhance our working relationship through idea sharing and thinking so we can accomplish our common goals.”

Mark Murphy and Jerry Moloney