We care about helping our people achieve their goals. We especially encourage growth within the business. The career pathway is a programme where we offer support and develop our staff. It’s a 1 year programme launched in 2016 by Stuart Jones, Communications and Customer Services Director.

The programme is designed to nurture our staff into tomorrows’ leaders. Also, to understand those interested in becoming the future managers in our business. It focuses on the core competencies required to be a leader. The initial process is quite rigorous. Only those demonstrating ambition are invited on to the pathway.

Four candidates from last year graduated and successfully attained management positions within our business. They were; Matt Bowman, now manager of Frontline Complaints, Steven Salisbury, Natalie Davies, Danielle Hill and Anthony Hughes – all now managers within the Occupancy Services department.  Each attended a graduation day hosted by Stuart. Here they presented back to senior management their achievements, what they had learned on the pathway and their future goals.

This year there are 7 new candidates on the career pathway. They come from across all areas of the business. We have Paul Gallagher – Frontline Complaints, Michael Parle – NHP helpdesk, Daniel Lawrence and Lucy Johnson – Occupancy Services, Lee Williams – RP Helpdesk, Natalie Costigen – Customer Solutions, and Michelle Brooks – Occupancy Services Admin, all looking to climb up the ladder.

Michael Parle, from the Helpdesk, wants to move higher using the pathway, “I’d like to find myself in a management position at the end of the career pathway, whether it be on the help desk or taking a role in another department. I think it has already opened my eyes to what is expected of being a manager.”

Every six months the candidates will face a Dragon’s Den style review. Here they have the opportunity to present back to senior management what they’ve been up to.

The candidates participate in activities that help them grow and realise whether management is for them. They get involved with everything from development planning to being exposed to management roles, stepping in their shoes and other general leadership situations. They’re also invited to management meetings and training.

Graduate Natalie Davies enjoyed getting involved, “I was given the opportunity to cover as interim team manager for my team, whilst my manager was helping another department in the business. I really enjoyed the role and it gave me a lot of confidence.”

The career pathway doesn’t always guarantee a management position on graduation. However, it does better equip individuals to be considered for management positions when opportunities arise.

Matt Bowman has some good advice for those embarking on the pathway, “I learned a lot about myself, my strengths and my weaknesses. My advice to anybody on the pathway would be to take any opportunity that is presented to you as you will only get back what you put in. The career pathway is an excellent way of showcasing peoples’ talents!

The career pathway proved massive success in its first year. We give our luck to the candidates currently working towards graduation and hope they end up exactly where they want to be.