31 August 2017: CarillionAmey and DIO attend ICMM training workshops

Training workshops are being delivered across all Regional Prime Contracts to help those that attend Infrastructure Community Monthly Meetings (ICMM) to contribute more effectively. Both members of the Defence Infrastructure Organisation and our business participated in the training with our staff and all made valuable contributions.

The workshops began in July and will run through to October. During the training, the attendees are given a range of scenario based, interactive exercises that are designed to create maximum participation. They’re also made to harness experience and share best practice.

The training also introduced a new look Monthly Performance Report (MPR) that is simple, clear and allows the presenter to provide the end user with the right level of detail. The development of the MPR was based on the feedback from our staff and has already received a positive reaction from those at the training events. However before it goes live, some fine tuning is underway.

In addition to the MPR, the training includes meeting planning, SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely) objectives and methods of handling challenging behaviour. Work is now underway to identify how we can adapt this training for learn-upon to be rolled out to all staff across the business.

Gavin Noble, our South East Area Manager, said, “I think the interaction between the participants was rewarding. Feedback has been received stating that staff said they were not looking forward to the session, but actually, really enjoyed it.”