31 May 2018: Unique simulator facility is successfully delivered at RAF Waddington

Along with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and our supply chain partners, Henry Brothers Ltd, we’re delighted to have completed a unique and specialist flight simulator facility at RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire.

The facility will house the only Rivet Joint simulator in the UK and will enable members of 51 Squadron to carry out flight training on site, rather than having to make the monthly journey to Nebraska, in the USA, to receive their continuation training.

The project has taken just 22 months to complete and is one of a handful of projects procured by the DIO that has been designed using the Building Information Model (BIM) which is an intelligent 3D modelbased process that provides the tools to efficiently plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure.

The brand new facility houses an office with adjustable LED lighting, a maintenance room, a computer room and 2 briefing rooms which have been fitted out with state of the art acoustic walls and ceiling, along with special door grippers to ensure the room is fully sound-proofed. Along with the usual heating, electrical and water installations, the building also has a specialist up-flow and down-flow chilled air system to maintain constant temperature and humidity.

Paul Marshall and Chris Dones, our Project Managers, and DIO’s Project Manager, Warrant Officer Ian Brookes, managed the build which required close collaboration between the RAF and our contractors.

Paul said “Communication between all parties was key to ensuring the success of this project. Due to the nature of the build there was certain information that couldn’t be shared with us, such as how the simulator would be brought into the building, so we’ve installed the largest double doors we could find so there shouldn’t be an issue when the simulator is flown into Waddington from America later this year.”

Having such a unique facility in the UK will save the RAF an estimated £16m over the next ten years, as the requirement to send members of the squadron overseas for continuation training will no longer be needed. Pilots and Navigators will also benefit from having the simulator on site, being able to training sessions at short notice, without the need to arrange travel.

Wing Commander Simon Cloke, Officer Commanding 51 Squadron, is delighted with the build and said “The construction of the Rivet Joint simulator building will allow delivery of our Flight Deck dynamic flight simulator later this year. This simulator will enable us to train at RAF Waddington, greatly increasing the effectiveness of the Squadron.”

RAF Waddington said, “This has been an excellent project completed on time despite the poor weather conditions this year.  The simulator will provide the Co-Operative Rivet Joint programme a much-needed facility in the UK with RAF personnel no longer being away from their families and home more than is necessary.”