5 April 2018: CarillionAmey work on major project at Dalton Barracks

A major project valued at £3.3 million to improve the heating system at Dalton Barracks on our Regional Prime South East contract is currently in progress. The current heating system is a district heating main which is old and tired and in need of an upgrade due to multiple breakdowns.

The main objective of the project is to decentralise the site by taking priority buildings, such as accommodation, off the district heating main and providing them with dedicated heat generation plant with its own gas supply. This will take the form of four packaged plant rooms containing boilers, pumps, heat exchangers, pressurisation units and BMS control panels.

This major project has been phased over two financial years and key milestones were required in 2017 and 2018 to install the gas main and take delivery of the plant rooms preparing them for when they’re connected to the priority buildings. This will provide the buildings with a new, controllable and reliable source of heating and hot water once completed and in use. It will also offer efficiency regarding ongoing maintenance works in comparison to the current plant rooms.

The plant rooms were delivered to the site last week and lowered into position by a crane. The project teams had come across an unexpected issue recently where current works had exposed a buried air raid shelter resulting in the team having to stop to test the site. Fortunately they could carry on quickly and full completion is expected in June 2018.