14 April 2017: DIO Chief Operator takes customer calls at CarillionAmey

Geoff Robson, Chief Operating Officer for Defence Infrastructure Organisation, visited our Customer Service Centre last Friday. He discussed the present and future state of customer service on the defence estate and got involved with our teams and customers on the phone lines.

We spoke about the journey we’ve been on as a Customer Service Centre. We also discussed how we worked towards our current performance of achieving and exceeding our telephone, housing allocations and complaint management Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

However, much of our debate focused on the future. We’re currently investing lots of time and effort in developing digital communication channels, integrating customer service on social media and developing artificial intelligence to help customers get quicker resolutions and a smoother service. We were also glad to share our action plans for moving towards ServiceMark accreditation for our Customer Service Centre.

Geoff spent time listening into live customer calls and meeting with our housing allocations, complaints, maintenance and supply chain scheduling teams. Listening to calls always gives a great overview of how things really work and how challenging and rewarding our role can be.

Geoff Robson, DIO Chief Operating Officer, said, “Great to come to meet the team helping to deliver a safe place to live, work and train for our Service personnel and their families. I’m impressed with the attitude of continuous improvement and doing the best for our customers.”

Stuart Jones, our Customer Service Director, said, “It was a real honour to showcase our Customer Service Centre to Geoff. Our Customer Service team do an awesome job and have exciting plans for the future to support DIO’s strategy for the whole defence estate.”