Invicta Park Barracks, Maidstone, has been brightened up with an office expansion. Works were carried out to extend the current space to give it a much needed refurb for unit staff of the Construction Supervision Cell.

The project had a value of £186k and has now reached completion. Project Manager Tim Arter said, “we started two weeks later than originally projected but still managed to complete two weeks ahead of schedule! A handover was also completed with Defense Infrastructure Organisation to allow occupancy of the space as soon as possible.”

Previously the space didn’t allow staff to carry out their work comfortably. They’ve created openings through adjoining walls and made alterations to maximize usable work space. The project has been received extremely well by our customers.

Lieutenant Colonel Chris D Axford, Quartermaster, was really pleased with the project. “The collaborative approach from the start to the physical execution of the project has simply been excellent. The standard of workmanship and daily on-site liaison has been a model for success.”

Estate Facility Manager Debbie Norris also expressed her satisfaction. “Not only has the work been completed to an exceptionally high standard but they have been professional, flexible and accommodating to unit personnel throughout, minimising disruption wherever possible. Any issues were dealt with pro-actively, efficiently and the results are a major improvement for personnel.”

Services at the barracks have been adapted for the new layout. New emergency lighting and LED lighting has also been installed. Amendments were made to the fire alarm system and a ventilation system was installed to create a constant airflow, making a nice breezy office just in time for the warmer weather. As a result, the transformation created a modern, healthy and energy efficient working environment.